Japanese artist Atsuko Mochida has renovated a vacant Japanese home, making a significant yet, at first, barely noticeable alteration. Collaborating with local carpenters and builders, Mochida has placed a circular section of the interior on its own axis so that it seamlessly rotates within the home.

Propelled by the artist’s interest in modification and identity as they pertain to living habitats, Mochida spent over a year working with an almost century old, wooden family house that had been abandoned for around a decade. As the circular section rotates, the room becomes exposed to the outdoors, thereby redefining the very notion of architecture.

There is also a performative element to the piece. As there were intentionally no electrical components used, the section of the home must be manually set in motion by participants. If you’re interested in visiting this site-specific work you’ll need to make an appointment with the artist.

photos by ryuichi taniura