all photos courtesy Sankei Photo

Earlier this year in January, Japan saw heavy snowfall that caused the nose of a local Tengu to break off. After one of the most adorable remediation and recovery efforts, the Tengu has now been repaired.

Located outside Kurama Station in Kyoto, and part of the local Kurama-dera temple, the large Tengu and it’s 2.3 meter (7.5 ft) long nose was a popular mainstay.

But in January 2017, heavy snowfall accumulated on the nose, causing it to break off. The Tengu was quickly treated with first-aid and a large band aid (fashioned out of iron) was placed over the nose. A small sign reading “under medical treatment” was placed next to the Tengu.

In March, once the snows melted and winter was behind them, local officials began repairing the broken nose. It was reinforced with wire and received a brand new coat of red paint. And on March 24th it once again greeted temple-goers looking strong and stoic.

The nose of the Tengu broke off from the weight of the snow in January

first responders rushed to its aid and treated it with a band aid. A sign was placed next to it that reads “under medical treatment”

On March 24 it emerged looking brand new