CHICO by Atelier KUU


Nobuo Kumazara, of Atelier Kuu, is the architect and designer behind many serene and modern spaces from beauty salons, chapels, dentist offices and CHICO – a store created for people and their design discerning pooch. Created with dogs in mind, the dog house motif is incorporated throughout the store located in Shizuoka, Japan.

CHICO/in store

CHICO/shelf CHICO/dog way

Truly designed with the dog in mind, it has a doghouse shaped portal out to a grassy area where your dog can run around or relax while its owner finishes the shopping.

CHICO/in store

CHICO/in store 2

This isn’t Atelier Kuu‘s first work for pets –  BOWWOWLAND is a pet hotel created back in 2006. As an architectural and dog buff, this is a perfect match for ‘man’ and “man’s best friend.” I’m looking forward to Nobuo Kumazara’s next pet and human friendly work.

[pictures courtesy Atelier Kuu]

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  1. ahhh, i really want to visit this place. i should start making notes now. thanks for the great post! 🙂

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