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It’s not too often I get to write about product design AND packaging design in the same post. In this case, I think the packaging design beats the actual product. Japanese furniture manufacturer Tendo Mokko has released their latest design, the Coshell Chair (26,250 yen). The chair derives its name from the Yamagata dialect (Coshell; こしぇる which means “to make”) and is an homage to the earnest craftsmanship of the Tohoku region.

The chair features a molded white beech plywood frame that creates gentle, exquisite lines. But where it really shines is in its thoughtful and elegant packaging. The chair comes flat-packed and can be assembled in roughly 20 minutes using only a hexagonal wrench. It’s a great example of small material, high impact design.



Check out the making-of pictures below, which are fascinating.

Source: Submission