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Welcome to Kyoto’s newest gift store, Today’s Special, where you can embark on a mini treasure hunt to find unique souvenirs. The gifts you find at this special shop will delight your friends and family back home.


If you see something special just out of arm’s reach, you can ask friendly store staff to take them down for you. Check out those amazing yellow stools!

Installed by Jo Nagasaka from Schemata Architects, Today’s Special provides shoppers with an unforgettable shopping experience. The interior of the store is inspired by three themes: “light”, “standard”, and “DIY”. The space is open and airy; a comfortable space to roam around in as you shop.

Antique furniture, stacked milk crates, and slatted wooden platforms arranged around the store creates a range of textured surfaces for an adventurous shopping experience. Embedded within a shopping center, the gift shop conveys the comforting atmosphere of a revitalized antiques store. Inside, discover charming novelties including: garden vegetable stationary, signet chopstick rests, Bankuan rattan bags, and trendy air plants nestled in glass bubbles wrapped with Buddhist chanting beads. During the colder months, you’ll find fashionable winter wear like “cold-up” socks, soft grey turtleneck sweaters, and charming gift boxes specially fabricated for wine bottles.

This store is will quickly become your go-to spot for every special occasion. Don’t live in Kyoto? No problem! There are also branches in Shibuya and Jiyūgaoka in Tokyo! For international orders, just head to their online store to browse.


The store features a section devoted to indoor plants including small cacti, bonsai, and air plants. You can also shop for vases, accessories, and ceramic pots. If you want to go the creative route, then purchase an illustrated mug and use it as a pot to fill with your new plant.


Choose from a selection of adorable stationary sets. Why not send loved ones a letter from Japan right now?


Schemata Architect boasts such futuristic buildings like Blue Bottle’s new cafe in Aoyama.