Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I wanted to conclude this series in 1 week but I’ve been so busy that I’ve only had time for 1 post per day. New Yorkers have been enjoying gorgeous weather for the last 2 days, and it’s supposed to continue into the weekend. I truly hope the same applies to all of you! Have a splendid weekend and please check back next week as I continue my series!

Tatzu Nishi
“Chandelier” (2007)

(Images courtesy of Blum & Poe)

(Image courtesy of Stuart Whipps)

To finish off this week, I’d like to show the work of Japanese artist (based out of Germany) Tatzu Nishi. Here is an artist who, I feel, has made some great advancements in converging the boundaries between fine art and architecture, using one to play off the other in a complimentary show of design. Over the span of his career, Nishi has become renowned for incorporating public architecture and industrial design (anything from public benches to monuments) into his work.

In “Chandelier,” Nishi inverts 5 street lamps, creating an unexpected sculpture out of objects that we are so used to seeing – so in fact that we often don’t even see them – and placing them in a new, sometimes humorous, light.