Japanese Designer New Year’s Cards of 2023

Welcome to the frolicking year of the rabbit! We love all of Japan’s quaint traditions around New Year’s: eating toshi-koshi soba on New Year’s Eve, having ozoni on New Year’s morning, visiting a temple or shrine for hatsumode. Well, we have a tradition of our own: admiring New Year’s cards (nangajo) created by some of our favorite Japanese artists and designers.

From anime and printmaking to minimal geometric and animated, enjoy all the different art styles of rabbits, mochi and moons.

Shogo Kishino

Art director Shogo Kishino borrowed a print from a rebranding he did of Izumo Taisha Shrine.


Haruka Aramaki

Artist Haruka Aramaki created this adorable nengajo/sticker embedded with a New Year’s resolution of becoming more flexible.

Bento Graphics

We always look forward to the clever animations that Bento Graphics come up with!

Hiroki Nishiyama

We love this graphic interpretation of the new year from illustrator Hiroki Nishiyama.

Hiroki Takeda

Watercolor painter Hiroki Takeda’s lovely use of flora and fauna.

Hirotoshi Shiki

Graphic designer Hirotoshi Shiki created this stunning letterpress card of the moon.

Hisao Ohmae

Illustrator Hisao Ohmae’s gorgeous interpretation of the rabbit.


Nao Sakamoto

We loved this animated card from artist Nao Sakamoto with a rabbit in the distance, beckoning us forward.

Junichi Kishi

A lovely pop-art style card from illustrator Junichi Kishi.

Kenichiro Chaffee

Portland-based 2D animator Kenichiro Chaffee features a traditional kagamimochi decoration.

Ryo Kanda

Visual artists and animator Ryo Kanda’s slightly scary but wildly fun card.

Masao Shirasawa

Nagoya-based graphic designer Masao Shirasawa’s geometric deconstruction of the rabbit is nice!

Hayao Miyazaki

This artist doesn’t need an introduction. We love how, each year, he always draws Studio Ghibli’s nengajo.


We adore this card from illustrator Parico and all the details from the rabbit kimono to the carrot bag.

Yasutaka Fukada

Such a great animated card from 3D CD artist Yasutaka Fukada.


The Tokyo-based illustrator who goes by the name DADA created this repetitive rabbit in pop-art style.

Shunsuke Sataka

Illustrator Shunsuke Sataka used his signature pastel palette to create this adorable card

Takuya Kawaguchi

We love the lines in this minimalist card from illustrator Takuya Kawaguchi.

Tatsuro Kiuchi

A simple yet elegant print from illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi.

Toru Asai

Illustrator Toru Asai’s celebration of pastels.


Motion graphics artist Motionist created this sparkling, animated card.


Simple lines and simple colors yet such an outstanding card from illustrator Wakiko.


Yasuko Aoyama

Artist Yasuko Aoyama creates multi-color prints by carving erasers. This nengajo was created using that same technique.


And last but not least, this fun idea from illustrator Yuiai.

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