Kyoto Gakuen University’s New Cafeteria Will Make You Want To Be a Student Again

kyoto university uzumasa cafeteria

photos by Hiroki Kawata courtesy Ninkipen | click to enlarge

This month  Kyoto Gakuen University welcomed students into their new Uzumasa campus. Amongst the sparkling auditorium, the medical training site and the library, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated facilities is the cafeteria. Because, after all, who can study on an empty stomach?


In keeping with the school’s multi-colored theme, Yasuo Imazu, lead architect of Ninkipen, incorporated an array of rainbow colors throughout the cafeteria.

Color-coded poles were places throughout the space to help students plan meeting spots. And matching-color-curtains made from translucent organdy help to keep the space bright and warm.


(The posters for the new campus were designed by Seeds of Communication)

kyoto university uzumasa cafeteria

Students will be eating food prepared by the management team of legendary Japanese restaurant Suehiro. And they’ll be dining in style on designer furniture from Actus. Feeling jealous? Not to worry. As we wrote in our article about the secret world of Japanese university cafeterias, they’re actually open to the public. And Kyoto Gakuen University’s new dining hall is no exception.

So actually, the title of this article is misleading. Even if you’re not a student you can eat here and pay the same subsidized price as students.

kyoto university uzumasa cafeteria

kyoto university uzumasa cafeteria

kyoto university uzumasa cafeteria

kyoto university uzumasa cafeteria

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  1. This article is confusing Kyoto Gakuen University and Kyoto University, which are different institutions. “So actually, the title of this article is misleading.”

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