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Polar Bears live in the Arctic and Grizzly bears live in Canada and never the twain shall meet… or should they? That’s what scientists were asking when a Pizzly Bear (or if you prefer, a Grolar Bear) turned up in ’06 in the Canadian Arctic. Apparently, the melting snow caps caused these bears’ habitats to overlap, and consequently resulted in their unlikely offspring. Although this incident would typically be perceived as a sad state of environmental affairs, one person saw it differently. Masahiro Minami, a designer working out of Shiga Prefecture in Japan, was inspired by this beautiful love story and decided to create a rocker for his daughter.

We wrote about the story (here and for inhabitots) back in 2009. The story traveled across the sea and, 3 years later, we are thrilled to announce that Hong Kong-based Huzi Design has, today, released Pizzly Bears as an actual product. We’re honored to have been part of that process and wish Minami-san a well-deserved congratulations on an amazing concept-turned-product.