Mizuhikiband: the art of Japanese packaging incorporated into a rubber band

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When it comes to beautiful packaging it’s hard to beat the thoughtful, multi-layered Japanese presentation. And one of it’s most essential components is the mizuhiki, a decorative knot made from cords and used to tie gifts together.

Although the knot comes in a variety of complexities, the shoelace knot is one of the most basic and therefor embodies celebratory sentiments and hopes for more good times. Incorporating this tradition into what he calls “the simplest of all cords,” designer Yu Aso has created a rubber band with a mizuhiki knot. It’s the mizuhikiband.


The Japanese excel at redesigning the small things of life. Objects like erasers, placemats and bubble wrap – items that are typically overlooked for being ‘saturated’ by design – are imbued with whimsical charm. And the mizuhikiband is no exception. It originally was part of the 2013 Kokuyo Design Awards, which challenged designers to come up with new ideas using the theme “happy x design.”

After 2 years of refining the concept and packaging, which Aso insisted on making foreigner-friendly, Kokuyo is ready to begin selling the rubber bands.

Mizuhikiband will be available in 4 colors and each package will include 7 rubber bands.


mizuhikiband mizuhikiband mizuhikiband




  1. Please tell me where I can purchase these in the U.S.?

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