Mozilla Japan’s New Open Source Office


Mozilla, the developer of the open-source browser Firefox, has collaborated with Nosigner to create their new office in Japan. Since their outset in 1998, the foundation has attempted to counteract the challenges of dominant corporate products by providing open source technology – essentially, free access to all the blueprints so that anyone can redistribute or make improvements on it.

Keeping with that same philosophy, Nosigner has not only created a set of original furniture but an entire “open source office” using commonly available objects and throwing all the drawings online for anyone to download (zip file) and reference.


The floor consists of plastic palettes covered with wood panels. Concealed cables travel underneath it in every direction. And polycarbonate panels enable easy editing of the space.




6-1_Inspection-door-on-the-floor 6_Inspection-door-on-the-floor

The signage, comprised of dots that mimic the pixilation of a screen, are also available in the download package.


rocker_sign  2_Corner-module-made-a-lamp-shade


3_Corner-module-made-a-desk 5_Plastic-logistic-palette-used-for-the-floor

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