photos by Takumi Ota | click to enlarge

If entrepreneur Masamichi Toyama’s track record is any indication – his portfolio of companies includes Pass The Baton, giraffe and the luminous Soup Stock Tokyo – then his new venture, a fashion label called “my panda” would seem promising. And so far everything is looking good. The group just unveiled their first store, located in the basement of Parco department store in Shibuya. It’s an adorable shop designed by Torafu Architects.

In keeping with the fashion label’s core two-tone theme, the architects designed a two-tone house that functions as a counter and display shelf with the store while doubling as a bench on the outside.

If you’re in the area do go check it out. On October 28 there is going to by a cutsy/pop dance performance choreographed by experimental artist/performer Yoko Honaga. Here’s a teaser:

source: press release