Panasonic Will Help You Transform Your Living Room Into an Office Cubicle

With an extended work-from-home environment, do you find yourself missing your office cubicle? A new offering from Panasonic called Komoru (which translates as ‘seclude oneself’) will let you create your very own partitioned desk and cubicle in your living room.

While primarily known for their electronics, Panasonic has a housing systems business that also manufactures kitchens, toilets and other furniture. Their latest offering, Komoru, is a result the prolonged pandemic-induced work-from-home environment. According to a company survey, 70% of people, if given a choice, prefer some form of working from home. At the same time, 50% of respondents also say that their primary work station at home is their living room.

Office cubicles, with their dull appearances and association with corporate mediocrity, have long been the butt of jokes. But there’s something to be said for semi-private space, partitioned or not, and their ability to foster concentration.

Panasonic’s Komoru DIY cubicle is easy to assemble and is designed to blend in with almost any room. The company plans to begin selling them in September for 88,000 yen (about $835 usd).


  1. That seem VERY expensive for something that IKEA would sell for 20,000 YEN using the same materials and self build techniques.

    • IKEA furniture is usually manufactured wood (particle board with a veneer covering). A particle board desktop would bend without metal supports. Likely, the Panasonic Komoru is made of real wood, so the price is reasonable and it would sturdier/last longer.

    • My thought exactly

  2. Agree that this is way too much money but would be a good IKEA hack

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