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We recently surpassed 10K fans over on our facebook page (thank you!) so I wanted to take a quick moment to express my gratitude for all the support and to give a quick update AND to play a little game.

It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do but I’ve finally made the leap and decided to open a small e-shop on the site. It’s still a work in progress and probably won’t launch until later this fall, but I wanted to announce it to the world. This way I really have to do it!

And to commemorate this confluence of events, we’re giving away a small gift package (pictured below) as a sneak peek of some of the stuff we’ll be stocking.

How to Play
1) Leave a comment below
2) We’ll contact 1 random winner at the end of the week
3) That’s it

If you want to keep up to date with shop news you can follow this brand new twitter account, or sign up for our newsletter where we’ll infrequently spam you with new products and other Spoon & Tamago related news.

[Update] Comments are now closed. Congrats to Andrea. Your prize is on the way!

STgiveawaythe giveaway package – left: floating ripple vase | right: house coffee measure | background: papa’s maze


  1. I love the clean look of your site.

  2. Great site. Looking forward to the launch.

  3. it’s raining, it’s pouring…

  4. Cant wait for your e-shop!

  5. Cool! Can’t wait! Your blog is so inspiring!

  6. Hey! Congrats and well done, you are on my ‘first thing in the morning’ list every day! Have spread the word to lots of other Aussies! Best of luck and best of everything to ya!

  7. Bravo! おめでとう!Can’t wait for it to open! xxx

  8. Glad that I came across your blog. I enjoy the aesthetics very much!

  9. can’t remember how i found your blog but i’ve been reading it for what feels like years! congrats and thanks for always making great inspiring posts 🙂

  10. Woohoo! I’ve been following Spoon & Tamago for some time now. Really great blog. (:

  11. Congrats guys, I love this site, makes my day every time a new post is uploaded

  12. You have a knack for the interestingly unusual topics. I enjoy your site.

  13. Such beautiful photography, tasteful features, gentle remarks– congrats on all the followers and best wishes for many, many more

  14. How lovely! Congrats.

  15. Love your site. Congrats!

  16. Exciting news, both the 10K FB fans and the new shop. Love the blog so looking forward to unique finds in your e-shop.

  17. Love Japanese design and love your site!

  18. can’t wait for the shop! have fun bringing it to life this summer!

  19. Your website is suburashii! Omedetoo gozaimasu!

  20. I enjoy looking at your posts – never know what to expect!

  21. Looking forward to it!

  22. Thank you for the constant source of design inspiration. And congratulations!

  23. I always look forward to your blog posts! Can’t wait for the online shop!

  24. I love you guys, even from afar you are gorgeous (writing this from Australia)

  25. Cant wait to see what your bringing stateside!

  26. Thanks for introducing all the great design from Japan!

  27. Being half Japanese and having lived in Japan for quite a few years and now living in Australia, it is great to read your site everyday and keep up to date on things Japanese! Love it!

  28. Excited about the e-shop! I didn’t make the cut for most of your flash sales. Thank you to you and your staff for all your hard work.

  29. Best of luck from Belgium.

  30. Really excited for the e-shop! Congratulations!

  31. thanks so much for showing me Japanese style.!!

  32. Awesome! I think a shop is a great idea and I’d love to see what unique things you’ll offer:)

  33. woohoo!

  34. Cannot wait to check your e-shop!

  35. An inspiring, energizing, spirit-lifting page we follow almost daily- thank you!

  36. Your site is a source of inspiration and a breath of fresh air on boring workdays. Thank you.

    Also, I’m extremely excited to see the items you’ll carry in the e-shop! 🙂

  37. Wow, thank you all so much for the kind words. I didn’t expect such an outburst of support. It really means a lot.

  38. You feature such wonderfulness! I’m looking forward to more.

  39. Great site, I have followed for ages, REALLY looking forward to the shop!

  40. Yay! I’ve been flagging awesome products on your blog for years, but have not successfully tracked them all down. Can’t wait to start ordering some of them!

  41. Congratulations and best of luck in your new venture-

  42. Hi, congrats on your new venture! I’ve been a lurker of your blog for a while. Being a graphic designer (and Japanophile) myself, I love your posts and they’ve been my inspiration. Looking forward to the eshop! 🙂

  43. I love this website!

  44. just found your website and added it to my bookmark folder named ‘awesome’. I’ll definitely be back!

  45. Your blog is amazing. Love all the design and art you guys present.And congrats for your e-shop.

  46. thank you for the inspiration
    congratulation : )

  47. You know it’s funny how freedom can make us feel contained.

  48. hey, your highly curated blog really inspires me! im pretty excited about the shop as well! congrats & hoping for the best! greets from indonesia 😀

  49. love your blog and hope your shop will ship to canada, too

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