Kayabuki no Sato, a small hamlet in Kyoto, is known for their traditional farmhouses with thatched roofing. Not quite as well known is the unique and innovative method they use to protect their important cultural property from fire.

62 fire sprinklers cover the hamlet in water. Full video is available on our Facebook page.

In order to maintain the authenticity of the landscape, officials decided to camouflage all 62 fire sprinklers inside huts. When activated, the huts open up like transformers and sprinklers spray water high into the sky, covering the farmhouses with water.

The sprinkler systems are tested twice a year – usually in May and December – and visitors are welcome to observe the spectacle. You can find out more information on the official website.

Officials explain that in 2000, a fire burned down a archive center and ever since they have been testing their fire sprinklers twice a year. They believe it’s important for locals to be vigilant but they also welcome visitors to come and appreciate the importance of protecting cultural property.