Welcome to the Spoon & Tamago flash sale – providing exclusive access to great Japanese products not available outside of Japan.

How it Works

Every other week we’ll blog about a product that we absolutely love. And if you love it too, you’ll have the option of reserving one (or more) for yourself.

Essentially, it’s exclusive access to great Japanese products unavailable outside of Japan.


Ok, How Does it Really Work

To participate in the flash sale, simply enter a few details at the bottom of the blog post. The flash sale will run for 7 days – we log participants throughout the duration. Once it closes we’ll send you an invoice. Then, just wait for the product to arrive on your doorstep.

You can check out our terms & conditions page for more info.


Buy in Bulk, Ship in Bulk

There are many factors that make buying from Japan expensive. But we have a strategy that can offset them: buying in bulk and shipping in bulk.

Ultimately, our goal is to get you the product at the same price as you would pay for it in Japan. Unheard of, right? Yea. We’re pretty excited about it to.


So, what’s next?

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Are you a shop-owner interested in carrying any of the products we’ve featured in our flash sales? Or do you have a different product in mind, but don’t have the means to obtain it? Get in touch! We can help. You can start by checking out all the products we’ve introduced in our flash sales.

We’ve assisted shops all across the world obtain Japanese products that were previously inaccessible outside of Japan. Some of our previous clients include Branch (San Francisco), Mjolk (Canada) and Object House (South Africa).